A challenge to maintain intergrity of the text and purity of Biblical preaching - by pastor Cleopas , take a listen
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Dr Cleopas & Sarita Chitapa.


This circular is to be read in all CFI Churches, from the last Sunday of December to the first Family Sunday of the year 2016.

Greetings to all of you saints; to the living stones who are being built into a Spiritual house, to the commonwealth of faith, and to the Kingdom of kings and priests unto  our God.

The gift of life has allowed us yet to see another year come to an end, and God has ordained 2016 with His goodness and the pathway of the Lord still drips with fatness and honey.

The year 2015 was an eventful year, allowing us to celebrate two decades of ministry among the nations.   As the curtain comes down on this year, we exclaim in adoration with Israel, ‘If the Lord was not on our side’? – Let CFI say so!!; but truly the Lord was on our side.

This ministry, from 2016 enters a new dispensation,a season of accelerated growth – His mercy has been abounding in many areas, empowering us to accomplish more with greater velocity and maturity.  The Lord has been impressing on me as I look into the future that it is time for a SPIRITUAL RESET.  As we continue into the future, my impression is that we must revisit and reaffirm the foundations that made us who we are.  It is in this light that I announce to you that 2016 will be THE YEAR OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and the theme text will be 2Tim 1:7-8. 

This year, like never before, we must seek to know more about the Spirit of God, the very person of the Godhead, we must learn to walk with Him and in Him; how He guides us, how He operates within us in fulfilling the Great commission.  We must explore His dealings of the past with humanity and His current agenda with the Church.

Paul desired for Timothy to know the Spirit that resides in Him, the Spirit of Christ, the same Spirit that brought Him from the dead, His courage, His power, His love and how He builds a sound mind in the elect.

In 2016 we return to God, and say once again that it’s not by our might nor by power but by His Spirit.  We must grow to know his wisdom, his inspiration, his creativity and the reason this assignment cannot be done without him.  We are a people of the SPIRIT, THE HOLY SPIRIT.

As we enter the period of foundational prayer for the new year, may the Spirit of prayer and supplication be upon us. Let us determine  that  , like no other year , 2016 will see  more soul winning, supernatural expansion , spiritual growth and frontier evangelism , propelled and compelled by HIS SPIRIT.

May it always be your mantra from now and forever more ‘THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS UPON ME’ for God’s eternal agenda  has always been  ‘my Spirit upon all flesh.

May his Covenant  blessings  abide with  you all

Serving together 

Dr. C. Chitapa


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Joel 2:28-29
Exodus 35:31
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